Harp Quartet - Clouds

Rebecca is proud to be part of the harp quartet CLOUDS and following the success of their first UK tour in 2011, the group spent summer 2013 touring the UK to release their second album 'Water'.

The all-girl, all-harp group CLOUDS have been together since 2007 when they met at the Royal Northern College of Music and have been playing, recording & touring together ever since.

The silk dresses worn by the CLOUDS Harp Quartet (photo near left) are from Rebecca’s personal collection of evening wear which she has bought from all over the world. These particular dresses are from Malaysia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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Scaramouche Duo

Rebecca is also in a flute & harp duo with Anna Rosa Mari and they have performed across the UK and even gave an evening recital in Athens in January 2011. Later that same week Rebecca and Anna were asked to perform at the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens as part of the Ορχήστρας των Χρωμάτων - The Orchestra of Colours.

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